Wolf Cub Uniform

Scouts Canada is a uniformed organization. The uniform helps build a feeling of belonging, pride and self-discipline.

A full and complete Cub uniform is required for all activities unless indicated otherwise. At each formal event the full uniform is worn. For less formal activities (such as parts of regular meetings), the sash is not required. For some rough-and-tumble-and-letís-get-dirty activities, only the necker is worn Ė and it is tied (leave the woggle at home!) Akela and the other leaders will let you know when you can leave uniform pieces behind.

Cubs should wear footwear that is appropriate for the activity. In addition, Cubs are required to wear running shoes while involved in indoor activities. You will not be allowed to participate in sock feet for safety reasons, and wet boots ruin the fun for everyone, so remember your running shoes during the winter.

Your Cub Shirt

All members of Scout Canada, above Beavers, were the same Scout shirt. It is a tan/brown shirt that is available at the Scout Shop. The shirt contains all the identifying badges/patches that tell others where you, as a Cub, come from:

The organization we belong to
(World Organization of the Scout Movement)

 World Scout Badge

Our country (Canada) Scouts Canada strip
Our province (Ontario) Ontario Badge
The council (Battlefields)
The area (Hamilton-Wentworth)

The sub-area within H-W (Albion Mills)

and finally our group (1st Binbrook)
Some of the badges will already be on your shirt. Those that donít come with your shirt will be provided. Where to sew on the badges is identified in the Cub Book.

In additional to the badges, you will wear epaulettes on your shoulders to let everyone that you are a Cub.

Cub EpauletteThe epaulettes will be handed out to indicate that you have been invested as a Wolf Cub of Canada, and are also used to indicate whether you are a sixer Sixer Epauletteor a second Second Epaulette. The sixers and seconds are youth leaders in the Pack. As an older Cub, you may be asked to fill these roles. They are a big responsibility and should be taken seriously. As a sixer or a second, you will help other Cubs have fun and lead them in Pack activities.

The Sash

Cub SashAs part of the uniform, each Cub wears a sash. The Cub sash is red, with yellow stripes. On the sash you will put the stars, badges, and awards that you earns either during the meetings or through personal and family activities. To find out exactly where you should put the different stars, badges, and awards on your sash, you should ask Akela or another leader or check your Cub Handbook.


The Necker

Group NeckerThe necker is a scarf that is worn around your neck. The necker is the easiest way to identify which Cub Pack (and Scout Group) that you belong. Each Group has its own distinctive colours, and the different sections of the Group wear the same necker. Ours is green with a yellow trim and an old English B on the back (for Binbrook!).

Cub WoggleThe standard way of attaching it is with the Cub woggle, or for more active occasions a well-tied reef knot. The necker and the first woggle will be provided. Later, you may want to create your own personalized woggle.


Pants or Shorts

As part of your uniform, you should wear dark blue pants or shorts to each meeting and formal occasion. Jeans are OK, but try to have no holes, or do not wear cut-offs please. Wearing appropriate pants or shorts help show that you are proud to be a Cub. If you want, you can purchase the optional Cub belt and buckle from the Scout Shop. The belt is yellow and the buckle has the Scout logo. All members of Scouts, from Beavers to Leaders wear the same buckle, the only thing that changes as you move through Scouting is the colour of the belt. (The belt shown is non-section-specific belt)

Cub Belt and Buckle

Where to get everything...

The Pack will provide all badges, epaulets, the Group neckerchief, and Cub woggle. Below is a diagram of where to put the badges. You can also check out the uniform badge placement page  to know where the badges go on the uniform shirt. This information can also be found in the Cub Book. Other items may be purchased at the Scout Shop.

Wolf Cub Uniform with badges for the 91st Toronto Cub Pack

To contact the 1st Binbrook Cub Pack email: Akela@1stBinbrook.org