We did many good things in 2007, have a look at some photos of the Colony in action!

Fall Area Camp 2007, at Camp Nemo.

Assembling Mr. Bones in the skeleton relay race

Our cabin where we ate and slept.

Serious draw poker with Rainbow (1 apple ante...)

A team ring toss with a rope game

Crafts for Halloween

Some fun with ropes!

Taking on Hawkeye on the Tug of War!

(they never had a chance!)

A delicate rope maze, that nearly took everyone down!

Racing our Beaver Buggies WE Built

Planting trees and helping out at Eco-House in Hamilton, Spring 2008.

planting is hard work, snacks were needed!

part of the tree growing area and composting at Eco-House

worms make some squeamish, but help make excellent compost!

Our trip to the ROM, and subsequent Medieval discussion...

Beaver Chopperee 2008 (spring), a huge fun day for all Beavers in Hamilton-Wentworth, held at Gage Park in Hamilton
(with a Western themed flavour for this year)

a fun time, in spite of the slightly damp conditions!

fun and games, under the tarp

Spring Area Camp 2008 - Which seems to have had a bit of a pirate theme!


trying to look like a mean pirate


but more of a happy crew...


egg carry isn't too bad...

...and this is harder than it looks, but teamwork prevails!

Bubbles and friend had to do BOTH at the same time...

...and had a few challenges.

not technically accurate for pirate ships, but gunpowder and cannons are
harder to get these days

even bubbles took a shot!

this says it all... the scene Saturday night, within 3 minutes of heads hitting pillows...

A little horticultural assistance to the BAS (May 2008)

We grew from seeds, and then planted, flowers for their flowerbeds!

get in, and get the job done...

listen for the worms...


Bluebird Houses we Built and Installed on the Fairgrounds

Year End and Mini-Golf Tournament