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BP's Life in Pictures

This PDF file, just over 20Mb in size, is a 32 page scanned comic, that I've had since childhood. I recently tried to locate it through the local Scout Shop, but no one had even heard of it. Nor could I find reference to it on the web.

With no visible copyrights on it, I have scanned it for the Scouting world to enjoy. Apologies for the piece of the last page torn, it's been gone for years. Some of the pages look like I had them crooked in the scanner, but that's just how the original comic was printed.

If I had to guess as to the year I received it, I would say around 1978.

If anyone can offer any more information on it, please do not hesitate to email.

"The Dump" - A fantastic electronic repository, for all things Scouting, going back to the start.