Toilet Paper, Paper Towel & Facial Tissue
 - An Economical & Environmentally Sustainable Way to Support Local Scouting

Products the whole family already needs on a daily basis, at a competitive price
Continuing on our past years of experience, these are New & Improved for 2019!

All three products are as always:

  • 100% Recycled Fibres
  • 100% Made in Canada by Cascades Canada ULC
  • Green Seal & EcoLogo, Processed Chlorine Free Certified (click icons below, to read more about how important this is!)
  • Supporting Youth in Our Community!

By purchasing a Tractor Trailer load, directly from the factory, this means that we can pass the bulk savings on to you, and still earn funds to support our local Scouting initiatives, programs, and adventures.

And - The Best Part - We're not asking you to purchase something you don't already need.

Moka Perform Bathroom Tissue

- 2 ply non-bleached, yet quilted, soft & effective
- new & improved quality/finish, and even lighter colour than before
(compare photo below!)
- 400 sheet double rolls
(compare sheet counts with others!)
- individually paper wrapped
- 80 rolls in a case
- award winning, as most environmentally friendly & responsible product in North America
- best value & product for the home, cottage, RV, city or septic.
- found by past users to be the most "clog free" plumbing experience ever... this stuff is great!

Cascades Moka bathroom tissue, made from 100% recycled fiber of which 80% is post-consumer material, is the most environmentally responsible choice on the market. By adding 20% box fiber into its pulp mix and eliminating bleaching chemicals, Cascades has achieved an amazing feat without compromising softness. It reduces the environmental impact of its raw material by 25%. The off-white or "Moka" color of this paper is a proud trademark of Cascades Canada ULC.

Select Kitchen/ Household Paper Towel

- 2 ply kitchen & household style
- new & improved strength, quilting and finish
- 85 sheets (compare to 60 & 72, in grocery store rolls)
- 30 rolls in a case, individually wrapped.


Cascades Pro Select individual 2-ply perforated roll towels, made from 100% recycled fibres, are the most environmentally responsible towels available on the market. Third party certifications include Green Seal, EcoLogo, Processed Chlorine Free and exceed EPA comprehensive procurement guidelines. Cascades Pro Select is the only brand to offset 100% of the electricity used for its production with Green-e certified renewable wind energy.

Pro Signature Premium Facial Tissue

 - 2 ply, pure white soft luxury, tested against premium retail brands
 - 100 sheets per box, full 8”x8” size, in lower profile boxes to fit all of your locations

Cascades PRO Signature™ flat box facial tissue 2 ply white has 100 sheets per box, and 30 boxes per case. With 8''x 8'' per sheet, this premium facial tissue provides the softness, quality and comfort for any home

Select Premium White Luxury Bathroom Tissue

- 2 ply, pure white soft luxury
- new & improved quilting
- 420 sheet double rolls
  (compare with other sheet counts carefully!)
- individually paper wrapped
- 48 rolls in a case

Still made from 100% recycled fibres, the Cascades Select premium bathroom tissue offers a Pure White luxury quilted home softness. Cascades Select products have superior bulk and thickness and will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

per case, delivered, taxes included, your choice, while quantities last

Each case Includes a $10-$20 Voucher/Coupon for GT French

As a community partner celebrating 150 years in business, GT French as our local Cascades Canada distributor, is providing us with a serialized time limited voucher/coupons, to go with each and every case sold. Not only is this additional value on products you may already purchase, but they are also including some Scout Fundraiser Only Specials on the back!

"The most effective toilet paper I have ever used, get me another case!"
- Shawn G, Binbrook

"It lasts so much longer than our old stuff did, and the kids don't clog the toilet!"
- Bill S, Caledonia

"Our family is fussy, and won't use any other kind now."
- Laurie M, Hannon

"Somehow, we simply have fewer clogged toilets, yet my husband is still living here. It's got to be the new paper!"
- Jane J, Binbrook

"I use the paper towels for my cleaning business, and love the size and the streak-free nature of the results."
- Linda F, Caistor

"I won't buy anything that isn't 100% recycled, because after all it's just going down the drain... and this is Canadian on top of it!"
- Karen F, Burlington

"I checked my septic tank after a month, and you were right, there's nothing there, this stuff works."
- Verne G, Binbrook

"It's cheaper, it's better, and it helps the Scouts. Win win win, in my book."
- James J, Hamilton

We have comparison shopped, done the homework, and you won't even beat that value per sheet, even at the wholesale clubs.
Be sure and compare sheet counts... some of the thicker royal papers and similar, are only 200-220 sheets per double-roll!
Business customers have been particularly impressed with the prices, citing $15-$20 less per case than regular suppliers. (and we are happy to invoice)

...and the best part, is that all proceeds go directly to a Registered Charity - running actively engaged youth programs in our community.

Payment Methods: (on delivery)

  • Cash
  • Cheque - made payable please to: "Scouts Canada - 1st Binbrook Group"
  • Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover
  • Interac Direct Payment
  • Business Invoicing with terms.   or

Please feel free to forward this email/page/link, or any portion of it, to anyone you like. We are happy to assist with delivery of larger orders, within a reasonable distance. We are happy to invoice companies, or provide sales receipts. (please get address and a contact name) We are happy to answer questions, and feel free to share my contact info below.

Thank you for your support!
Together we make a difference in the lives of our youth, and the community we live in.

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Extra copies of the Order Sheet (PDF for families and youth)

Scouter Andy Bienhaus, Volunteer.
(905) 692-0693


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For those who notice such things, new production innovations are leading to an even whiter Moka product than ever before.

Select/Elite White is on the left, Moka Perform is on the right.
You truly have to have them side-by-side to be able to see the difference!