Venturer Scouts

Extreme Adventure.

This level of Scouting, involving men and women, ages 15-17, really strikes to the heart of self-determination and personal growth. Participation in self-funded and self-motivated activities, adventures and projects, is entirely their own responsibility... and they have a blast doing it.

The company is alive.   (and promises me that they will get me more things to post in this space!)

Business meetings are held separately from adventures, on the first Wednesday of each month, 7-9pm.
(At the Binbrook United Church (2617 Binbrook Road), and you may register with us at any time.)

For the 2016-2017 Season, the registration fee is $200.00 online, $225 in person.

To Explain:  Scouts Canada collects this registration fee to cover insurance of activities, camp management, admin, overhead, etc.
All local program and activities are run 100% by volunteers, there are no "paid staff".

Many groups also ask youth to bring a weekly $1, $2, or even $5 or so, as "dues", to pay for ongoing supplies. We don't do that.
We work together to keep our registration fee as low as we possibly can, and work hard to fundraise the funds needed to support our program through the year.

Many do not realize it, but Scouting is not a government or agency funded program. We are self-supporting.

The focus at present is activity, both as Venturer Adventure, and helping to mentor the younger folks.

Contact us -

While entirely youth driven, we do have adult support. Our primary advisor Greg Noseworthy, can be reached at
(Venturers have adults along to advise, provide guidance when asked, and offer a safety 'veto' if ever needed... but the rest is up to them)

Cheques payable to: "Scouts Canada - 1st Binbrook Group", please.

This cost does not include the uniform, but it's not terribly expensive, and many times available second hand from families with older youth.

If you want to fill out the registration form at home, and print it off, follow this link. (it's a PDF document, but you can actually type on it, and then print it out!)

Or, you can register and pay online, via

This is the official summary from the Scouts Canada Website:

Young men and women 15 to 17 years of age.

The Venturer program emphasizes having fun while encouraging teens to feel good about themselves, their friends and family, God, and the environment. Venturers helps teens advance their leadership skills and gain self confidence.

Venturers promotes activities that encourage teens to:

  • show that they care and live according to their personal values and religious beliefs
  • develop and use the skills of communicating, solving problems and making decisions
  • explore vocational opportunities
  • participate in a variety of social, cultural and spiritual activities
  • work cooperatively in adult-like settings
  • participate in challenging physical and outdoor activities
  • become aware of and respond to needs of the community and the environment

The Venturer program is built around a lively variety of activities based on personal and group interests. Venturing emphasizes outdoor and environmental activities, citizenship and community service, leadership and personal development, and career exploration. Individual interests and skills are recognized through an awards system.

The outdoors is an essential part of the Venturer program. Weekend events, extended hikes, no trace camping and seasonal sports opportunities round out the Venturer experience. Developing an active, healthy lifestyle is the prime goal. As well, Venturing helps teens learn new knowledge and skills that can lead to a satisfying career.

Venturers meet in a group called a company. Venturers develop and manage their own program with the help of an adult advisor. Each Venturer learns a promise and motto to help guide their personal development.

Venturer Promise:
On my honour
I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and the Queen
To help other people at all times,
And to live by the Scout Law.

Venturer Motto:

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PDF of the Duke of Edinburough Award