They are at the core of our existence.
Always have been.

Volunteers come in many forms;

Various levels of assistance, require certain checks and balances to be met, for the safety of our youth.
We also offer free training as part of the process, to help you better understand your role, and how you can best help one of the longest serving, and largest youth organizations in the world.

Whether working with your own youth through the program, or interacting and seeing the growth and development of other youth in the community, the work can be very rewarding.
We also try and have a lot of fun as volunteers, working together with positive goals and motivations in mind at all times.

Most if not all of this, can be done online, through www.myscouts.ca - the same place that youth are registered through, and contact details for you are already likely active.
It's not onerous and includes common sense things like a "Code of Conduct".

Ask for details, and we'd be happy to discuss and fill in the blanks with you.

To become active as a Program Support Leader or "Scouter", here are the steps, which can be completed in just about any order:

It's a relatively short list, but here there are in depth;

1. Register as a Volunteer at www.myscouts.ca

Login to your account there, or create one. If you have youth registered in the program, you are 99.5% likely to already have an account.
If you have forgotten your password, they have links to help with that.

On the left, choose "Register a Member", select the correct age section, put in L0R1C0 (or your own postal code) and find our Group. (1st Binbrook)

There will be a link there to "Register as a Volunteer"... and that will start a series of screens, where you can simply scroll through them, and confirm some existing details, or update others. It will include reference checks as well. Please fill these in as best and as accurately as you can, in particular the email addresses. These folks will be contacted electronically intially.

When you complete this step, you will get a confirmation screen, and we will be emailed to advise us that you've begun the process! (and, thank you!)

2. Complete the Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Check (PRC with VSC)

A police records check, ensures that folks working with our youth, are not those with a criminal record.
Our group will happily cover any cost of such a check, please just bring us the receipt.
A VSC (Vulnerable Sector Check), searches additional databases, for potentially pardoned dangerous offences, that are no longer on a normal criminal record.
(there used to be a way, to receive a pardon for just about anything - not any more - so a PRC with VSS on an initial background check, is mandatory)
Every three years, we ask for a fresh PRC to ensure an ongoing "clean record", and at those times a standard PRC is sufficient.

Inside of Hamilton-Wentworth
Residential Area
(based on your home address)
Outside of Hamilton-Wentworth
Residential Area
(based on your home address)
Renewal PRC,
For Existing Members
Option A - In Person

Complete both of these forms:

Take them, with appropriate ID to 155 King William Street, in Hamilton, during their hours of Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Option B - Online

Visit Police Solutions for Hamilton, and request your check, online.

Visit the nearest Police station in your area, whether OPP or Halton Police, or Niagara Police.

If they require a letter of introduction to ensure that this is for volunteer work, please feel free to use this PDF, where you can put your name, date, and hit print on your end.

Police Check Letter of Introduction.pdf

Police record checks processes vary from region to region, but here are a few links, for the common areas:

OPP - scroll down to Option #3; PVSC.
Includes the forms online, that can be completed at home, and taken to your nearest OPP detachment.
They do require a letter of introduction as above.

Niagara Police Services - includes an online application process.

Halton Police Services - includes all details, and an online method.

Option A.
Use this link;
http://www.backcheck.net/scoutscanada/councils.htm and select Battlefields Council.
This is completed entirely online, and the results are forwarded to Scouts Canada directly. There are several methods of online payment available, and you will receive an emailed receipt, which you can forward to us for compensation.

Option B.
Use the Police Services records desk process, as described to the left of here, but, only ask for a regular PRC this time. A VSC is not required for a renewal.


3. Complete the Online Orientation & Training

From the www.myscouts.ca website, even before you have completed anything else, you can enter the David Heustis Learning Centre, on the left hand menu.

Within this online portal, are a number of orientation videos that can be completed over time, before your registration is completed.

4. Be interviewed by a pair of our qualified team members

Likely the simplest part of the process, and we will get in touch with you to set this up at a mutually convenient time.


Thank you, for your time, and your willingness to make a difference in the world we live in, our community, and the lives of the youth here.