Wolf Cubs
(a primer)

Cubs is a program for youth between 8 and 10 years old.

The outdoors is an essential part of the Cub program. Challenging hikes, weekend camps, and an introduction to water activities like canoeing and kayaking are just a few of the fun outdoor adventures that Cubs enjoy.

The Cub motto is "Do Your Best". With this Cubs are encouraged to try new and more challenging activities. Learning important first aid skills, paddling a canoe for the first time, or leading a game at camp will open the door for Cubs to try other adventures they never thought possible.

Cubs experience an exciting variety of activities: games and sports, model building, music, story telling and play acting. And like Beavers, Cubs enjoy their adventures with their friends.

Each Cub learns a promise, law and motto to help guide their personal development.

Wolf Cub Promise
Wolf Cub Law
Wolf Cub Motto
Wolf Cub Salute
Wolf Cub Handshake

Individual interests and skills are recognized through badges and awards. For a look at there awards and badges check out the Stars page.

How Packs Organized

The Wolf Cub theme is based on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. It provides a sense of outdoor adventure and fantasy that appeals to a Cub's imaginative mind.

The PACK refers to all the members in your child's Cub program. Within the pack, Cubs are broken into small groups called SIXES. A Cub who is asked to lead a six is called a SIXER. The Sixer has an assistant called a SECOND. Cubs usually rotate through these early leadership jobs based on age and experience.

Jungle Names

The primary adult leader of the pack is referred to as AKELA - the name of the old wolf and leader of the pack in The Jungle Book.

Other leaders take a jungle name such as BALOO (the bear), BAGHEERA (the panther), MANG (the bat), RAKSHA (the mother wolf), HATHI (the elephant).

Your pack may also have a KIM - a Scout who works with the Cubs. Kim is another Kipling character. Older Cubs are sometimes invited to work with a Beaver Colony. Each Cub helper working in a colony is called KEEO after a character in the Beaver book Friends of the Forest.

Tenderpads and Investiture

While learning a bit about Cubs, your child will be a TENDERPAD, a Cub who is not yet ready to become a formally welcomed member of the pack. After a brief period of training (mostly to learn the background, rules, and expectations for being a Cub) parents will be invited to attend the INVESTITURE ceremony to help welcome your child officially into the Pack.

The Cub Uniform

The Wolf Cub Uniform is designed to fulfill two functions: to be practical and to allow a more formal look The basic uniform consists of a shirt, a neckerchief (necker), and a sash. Along with the Cub Book, these are the most important items to purchase. In addition, there are a number of optional items: belts, hats, etc. that can be purchased from Scout Shop.

At each meeting and formal event the full uniform is worn. For less formal activities, the sash is not required.

The Cub Book

The Cub Book will encourage your child's participation within six activity areas. While your Cub will see only the fun and excitement the activities present, each area focuses on a clear purpose and goal. The purpose and goals for each activity area set out how the activities are relevant to today's child while meeting developmental needs. Each activity area is encompassed with a star. This can been seen by the requirements for the stars and the badges associated with the star.

Activity Areas

The six activity areas are:

The Natural World Activity Area - Black Star


To create a feeling of care and concern for the natural world and an interest in nature study.


  • To provide practical environmental activities that explore the wonders of nature.
  • To develop an understanding that all life requires food, water, shelter and space.
  • To explore and develop an understanding of the positive and negative impacts people have on the environment.
  • To give direct ideas on how to help the environment in everyday situations.

    The Outdoor Activity Area - Green Star


    To provide opportunities for Cubs to develop self-confidence and early leadership skills through the introduction of basic camping and other outdoor pursuits.


  • To instruct Cubs on how to enjoy the outdoors safely.
  • To introduce Cubs to various outdoor pursuits through age-appropriate activities based on simple skill learning and fun.

    The Creative Expression Activity Area - Tawny Star


    To encourage Cubs to creatively explore and express themselves through activities which utilize imagination and innovation.


  • To develop a creative outlet for child interests through the use of music, arts, and crafts in the Cub program.
  • To enhance Cub awareness of how modern technology can be used for creative expression.
  • To stimulate and foster Cub literacy through activities which promote, or require, reading skills.
  • To provide opportunities for Cubs to pursue a project from start to finish, thereby producing a sense of accomplishment.

    The Health and Fitness Activity Area - Red Star


    To encourage Cubs to lead active and healthy lives and to have a positive image of themselves.


  • To encourage Cubs to have healthy lifestyle attitudes through developing active living habits.
  • To promote the positive benefits of being involved in physical activities.
  • To educate Cubs about health risks associated with tobacco products, and with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • To encourage the practice of good hygiene habits for maintaining personal health and promoting self-reliance.

    The Home And Community Activity Area - Blue Star


    To create in a Cub a positive feeling of family and community responsibility, as well as personal self-reliance through opportunities to develop home care skills and knowledge about various community services.


  • To provide support to the Cub's family by teaching skills related to home care.
  • To explore and appreciate the challenges facing disabled people in the community.
  • To explore what services are needed to support a community, and how a person would access these services if required.

    Canada and the World Activity Area - Purple Star


    To provide opportunities for Cubs to better understand how to actively participate in Canadian society and the world we live in.


  • To learn about and appreciate Canadian society through active participation in community service projects.
  • To discover and learn about their own faith and the various world religions.
  • To participate in programs which highlight people and their cultures that make up Canada and the world.
  • To demonstrate the inter-relationships Canadians have with people in other countries.

    To contact the 1st Binbrook Cub Pack email: Akela@1stBinbrook.org


    Our sincere thanks, to Akela at the 1st Whitby Wolf Cub group, who clearly learned the motto from Beavers, and freely provided us with all of these well put-together electronic excerpts from the Cub Handbook!